The Great AppSec Hackathon concluded today on a high note with the virtual awards ceremony. The winners were announced and felicitated virtually. The ceremony was graced by our guest of honour Sri Jayesh Ranjan (Principal Secretary, ITE&C, I&C, Government of Telangana) and other eminent delegates including Dr. Sriram Birudavolu (CCOE-DSCI), Nayaki Nayyar (Ivanti), Ram Movva (CSW – Cyber Security Works), Chintan Chawla (Synchrony), Shrikant Sinha (TASK), Priya Madhavan (NASSCOM FutureSkills), Ramamohan Reddy Bommireddi (DigitalTrust Technologies), and Pravesh Sharma (Synchrony).


Missed the virtual awards ceremony? Visit our official YouTube channel and watch the recording. Link: