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Academia and R&D Centres

Driving innovation & uptake of skills by enabling the future cybersecurity workforce.
R&D Centres

Academia and R&D Centres

Universities and Technical institutions – Academic and professional programs and trainings, Research and Development

The cybersecurity industry is exploding to become a $231 billion global market by 2025, and many regulations are coming into effect around the world (European GDPR, India’s PDPP, India’s Cybersecurity Policy 2020, etc.). It has been identified as one of the key Future Skills by NASSCOM. It is our objective to support academia and R&D centres by providing a boost to strengthen and scale up the cybersecurity supply side in terms of both numbers and quality.

Build the future cybersecurity workforce

To lay a strong foundation for cybersecurity, it is essential to entrust the future workforce with a lot more than just the adequate knowledge and resources. By collaborating with academia and R&D centres, we enable the torchbearers to ably scale up the cybersecurity ecosystem in the future. We foster an unmatched collaboration between research and innovation. Through this partnership, we actively address the domestic and global demand of creating a pool of 1 million skilled cybersecurity professionals by 2025. CCoE achieves this by forming impactful partnerships, develop  academic certifications/training programs, specialised courses for schools and colleges and research scholarships. We support the formation of vocational training institutes focussed on skilling and cybersecurity. CCoE primarily nurtures research in cybersecurity and privacy to promote innovation.