Understanding the Shared Responsibility Model for Cloud Security
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Cybersecurity Industry

Empowering key industry players with resources, knowledge and ideas.
cybersecurity industry

Cybersecurity Industry

Large Enterprises, SMEs, Start-ups

With 175+ Indian security product companies generating $450+ million cumulative revenue in 2018 alone, India is gearing up to become a global cybersecurity destination. CCoE intends to support the growth of the cybersecurity ecosystem by facilitating the exchange of resources, knowledge, and ideas to help scale and propel growth in cybersecurity and privacy domains.

Empower the cybersecurity industry

As an industry body that is part of NASSCOM/DSCI, we collaborate with and influence the cybersecurity industry and enable enterprises to deepen their game and scale through high-impact partnerships. The enterprises that we impact include corporations (large enterprises), SME’s and start-ups.

The incubation center in our facility grants selected cybersecurity/privacy start-ups access to superior resources, technology, talent and networks to unlock their potential and allow them to create business value. We host selected cybersecurity/privacy start-ups through our focussed physical incubation program. Our virtual incubation program provides benefits to cybersecurity start-ups across the world that are unable to be physically present in our facility. Cybersecurity CoE deeply impacts start-ups and steers them towards success through a gamut of resources and a network of ingenious Industry experts.