User Groups - Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (CCoE)
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User Groups

Strengthening user groups to boost collaboration and innovation in cybersecurity.

User Groups

Stakeholders who use cybersecurity and privacy

Enterprises in banking, pharma, finance, retail, FMCG etc, and user categories like software developers, system/network administrators, government officials, end-users like citizens, students, etc. We conduct awareness programs pertaining to cybersecurity and privacy – B2B, B2G and B2C either directly or through its partners.


Today, the cybersecurity market in India is driven by digital adoption making it rank amongst the top 2 countries globally on many dimensions of digital adoption. The availability and ease of accessibility to public digital platforms have led to emergence of diverse and large user groups. We support and strengthen user groups via collaboration to create and sustain an ecosystem that boosts innovation in cybersecurity. 

CCoE User Group

We conduct UCCH (Use Case Clearing House) workshops to extract important use cases out of the user industry and make them available to cybersecurity enterprises that enable the latter to craft superior solutions (products/services) for the users. This generates customer-centricity in the industry and saves them a lot of effort and investment, which they usually expend for getting the right alignment for their products and services.