Amplifying Government Efforts

We actively collaborate with government bodies to shape India's cybersecurity landscape, recognising their pivotal role in this domain.

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We actively collaborate with both central and state government departments and agencies, recognising their crucial role in the cybersecurity landscape.

Our organisation strives to bolster and empower government efforts by initiating a range of activities that foster synergistic networks and cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our Strategy

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Capability Strengthening

Actively contributing to strengthen cybersecurity practices within the government through collaboration and expertise.

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Public-Private Partnerships

We facilitate public-private partnerships, bringing together the best of both sectors to enhance cybersecurity practices and solutions.

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Research and Development

We promote research and development in cybersecurity, supporting initiatives that push the boundaries of what's possible in this field.

Our Commitments

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Policy Advocacy

We provide valuable input towards the formulation of government policies, such as the National Cybersecurity Policy 2020, stand by the Data Privacy and Protection Bill, etc.

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Empowering Awareness

We conduct impactful awareness campaigns and workshops to promote cybersecurity best practices among individuals and organisations.

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Innovative Solutions

Our experts review and suggest impactful solutions within the cybersecurity domain, focusing on areas relevant to government departments.

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Cybersecurity Risk Management

We assist government bodies in implementing effective cybersecurity risk management strategies, helping them to identify, assess, and mitigate risks.


  • Benefit from our close collaboration with government entities.
  • Tap into our expertise and resources to stay at the forefront of cybersecurity advancements.
  • Join our dynamic ecosystem to harness the power of innovation & collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • Strengthen your organisation's cybersecurity practices by leveraging our expertise to enhance security measures.