User Groups

Enhancing User Groups Potential

Empowering user communities to foster cyber awareness and safety.

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Today, the cybersecurity market in India is driven by digital adoption making it rank amongst the top 2 countries globally on many dimensions of digital adoption. The availability and ease of accessibility to public digital platforms have led to emergence of diverse and large user groups.

Our Strategy

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Enterprise Engagement

We engage with a diverse range of enterprises in sectors such as Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, etc to understand user challenges.

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User Group Empowerment

We support and strengthen user groups via collaboration to create and sustain an ecosystem that boosts innovation in cybersecurity.

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User Categories

Additionally, we cater to various user categories, including software developers, system/network administrators, government officials, and end-users such as citizens and students.

Our Commitments

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Tailored Awareness Programs

Conducting comprehensive awareness programs on cybersecurity & privacy for B2B and B2G segments through direct initiatives or in collaboration with esteemed partners.

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UCCH Workshops for Use Cases

We conduct UCCH (Use Case Clearing House) workshops to extract important use cases out of the user industry and make them available to cybersecurity enterprises.

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Empower Customer Commitment

Fostering customer-centricity in the cybersecurity industry. Saving effort and investment by providing the right alignment for products and services.

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Nurturing an Innovative Cybersecurity Ecosystem"

We fortify user groups through collaboration, fostering an environment that encourages and amplifies innovation in the realm of cybersecurity


  • User groups can gain valuable insights and knowledge through awareness programs.
  • Can access important use cases from their industry and curate effective solutions.
  • Receive solutions aligned with their unique requirements.
  • Can tap into a network of knowledge, resources, and innovation, driving growth and advancement.