Great AppSec Hackathon

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The Great AppSec Hackathon is a nationwide competition, under our App Security Champion virtual program. The initiative enables students to expand their problem-solving and innovative-thinking capabilities in the cybersecurity space via gamified approaches. CCoE team has conducted multiple trainings free of cost for the students across various colleges via various channels on Application security and CTF Hackathons.

Academic mou

6000 Registrants

startup incubated

5000 Participants

research report

700 Finalists

internatinal collaborations

20 Challenges

Broad Objectives Of The Hackathon

Capability building and skill building among students in application security.

  • Provide hands-on experience and a gamified approach towards learning for students to hone their skills.
  • Create awareness on threats and vulnerabilities related to application security.
  • Helping organizations to identify talent for internships and job opportunities.


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